Cedarwood Country Club is excited to announce our Spring - New Member Initiatives for 2020.  These New Member Initiatives provide two attractive Initiation payment options. To learn more about our Membership offerings please click, "Request Membership Information", it will be our pleasure to share more information with you! 

Membership Types

Cedarwood is pleased to offer a variety of options to fit your life style. 

Full Membership

Our most comprehensive plan that allows members and qualified dependents to use all of the club facilities provided by Cedarwood Country Club and to attend club sponsored events upon payment of the applicable fees associated with membership.


Young Professional Members are entitled to the same privileges as Full Members with extended initiation payment options. The Young Professional Membership is open to applicants who have not reached their fortieth (40) birthday, using the age of the older applicant. Upon reaching age (40) and completing full payment of the applicable initiation fee, Young Professional members will be reclassified to Full Membership, gaining full membership privileges.

Corporate Membership

Qualified applicants may use all club facilities provided by Cedarwood Country Club. Corporate Memberships may be transferred upon application approval and payment of applicable transfer fees. Approved Corporate Membership must meet all requirements of membership defined in the Cedarwood Country Club By-Laws.

Senior Membership

Members may use all of the club facilities provided by Cedarwood Country Club with limited access to the golf course. Senior Members may not use the golf course on Saturday, Sunday, or Club Holidays. Senior Members may not play in weekend Club tournaments other than the Club Championship and the Senior Club Championship. Senior Membership is open to qualified applicants age sixty-five (65) and older.


A Resident Member or an Associate Member who does NOT satisfy the definition of a NON-RESIDENT MEMBER and maintains a second residence for personal use in another state other than North Carolina and bordering states (Virginia, Tennessee, Georgia and South Carolina) may keep the membership in good standing by meeting the following criteria:

     - Must be an active golf member for a minimum of six months.
     - Declare annually in advance in the month of December, the six or less months in which
        their residence will not be in North Carolina or the bordering states.
Provide addresses and contact information for the period(s) declared.
Acknowledge that any partial month will be billed as a Resident Member or an Associate Member.

May keep the membership in good standing by paying a fee established by the Board of Directors as follows.  During the months they are Partial Year Resident
Member (Not residing in NC or Bordering states), they are entitled to use of all facilities of the Club except that they must pay guest fees for the use of the golf course and must pay the Social Membership Dues.  The Partial Year Resident Member must pay any assessments and or capital Dues at the time levied to their most recent active golf membership level.  Partial Year Resident Members have no voting rights.  Open to new applicants paying the Initiation Fee set by the Board and/or current members who meet the requirements as stated.


Social Membership

Members and qualified dependents have the opportunity to use all of the dining, non-golfing social events, swimming, and tennis facilities provided by Cedarwood Country Club upon payment of the applicable fees associated with membership. Social Members are not entitled to the use of the golf course and/or practice facilities.

*Cedarwood Country Club Members have the opportunity to upgrade to a higher classification of membership which is then available upon payment of applicable fees.