Cedarwood Country Club is proud to introduce Leigh Hawkins, owner of "Leigh Hawkins Integrative Fitness", as our Fitness Director.

Leigh has 26+ years of experience in the personal training industry. A lifelong athlete, he earned a M.S. degree in exercise physiology and has completed multiple fitness certifications. He has the distinction of being only one of a handful of MAT™ (Muscle Activation Technique) specialists in the region. MAT is a therapeutic approach designed to identify and correct muscular imbalances that contribute to chronic pain, tightness, and injury. As an Integrative Wellness & Life Coach, Leigh provides exercises that help to identify areas that are out of balance and provide tools, techniques and specific action plans to help you achieve your goals, heal core issues and make positive changes.  Along with his extensive education and experience, Leigh’s concern for each individual’s physical well-being motivates him to provide an unparalleled level of service.


Leigh has owned and operated Leigh Hawkins Integrative Fitness, a personal training studio in South Park, for over 23 years. There are no membership fees, just the cost of your training services and a commitment to transform your body. LH Integrative Fitness offers a non-intimidating personal training environment in a private setting, where you receive the one-on-one attention you deserve. 


Before beginning an exercise program, Leigh performs a thorough evaluation to identify any muscular imbalances. This process allows him to design exercises that are tailored to your particular ability – not focused on the latest fitness craze. He is constantly monitoring exercise technique and control, using hands-on instruction and verbal cues, to lessen the risk of injury and increase the benefits of exercise. Leigh’s positive energy, creativity, and desire to provide an unbelievable exercise experience, makes the commitment to exercise fun and rewarding.



lh integrative fitness Services

  • Wellness & Life Coaching
  • Personalized Fitness Plans.
  • Muscle Activation Technique.TM
  • Core Strengthening.
  • Balance + Flexibility.
  • Individual or Semi-Private Sessions.
  • Rehabilitation Therapy.


    Key Services

    • CORE Training
    • Strength & Flexibility
    • Nutritional Guidance/Weight Loss
    • Kettlebell Training


      Meet our Trainer, Leigh Hawkins

      • 26+ Years Experience
      • B.S. and M.S. in Exercise Physiology
      • Certified Specialist, Muscle Activation TechniqueTM 
      • Resistance Training Specialist
      • Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist, NSCA
      • Health & Fitness Instructor, ACSM
      • Certified Personal Trainer, NASM
      • 11 - Time Southern Conference Track & Field Champion
      • 2007 Appalachian State University Hall of Fame Inductee
      • Outdoor enthusiast and father of two active, athletic boys

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      Leigh Hawkins
      Exercise Physiologist/Wellness & Life Coach